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    1. Longzhize Transmission Technology (Jiangsu) Co., LTD

      Longzhize Transmission Technology (Jiangsu) Co., LTD HONEST MANAGEMENT IS TRUSTWORTHY


      About us

      Longzhize Drive Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is located in taixing city, which enjoys the reputation of "hometown of Ginkgo", and is located in the hinterland of Yangtze River Delta, with convenient transportation and smooth logistics. The company has introduced a large processing center, CNC gear grinding machine and automatic control of heat treatment carbonitriding furnace and a number of sophisticated production and testing equipment. Successfully developed cylindrical gear, hard tooth surface, hard tooth surface, cycloid needle wheel, circular worm gear and worm, threerings, electric drum, modular gear reduction motor, rotary, winch and other major series, more than 100 thousand specifications of reducer and hydraulic motor. Products have been widely used in steel, metallurgy, transportation, lifting, shipping, cement, chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking machinery and other industries of large supporting units and large engineering projects...




      How should the noise

      Transmission component damage During installation, the trans...

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